About Kairos 2

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What does the word KAIROS mean?

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There are two Greek words for time. One of them, with which we are all familiar, is ‘kronos’ meaning linear time hours, day’s weeks etc. The other is ‘kairos’, used in the sense of time set by God for a particular occurrence.

‘KAIROS’ was found to be a word of very special significance in the environment of the correctional institution where the word ‘time’ carries so many special connotations.

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Kairos Mission Statement

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The mission of Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is to bring Christ’s love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families, and those who work with them, and to assist in the transition to becoming a productive citizen.

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The purpose of KAIROS

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The purpose of Kairos is to establish strong Christian communities among the population of correctional institutions, supporting fully the Restorative Justice Programme, Unit Management Programme, and other rehabilitation programmes in our institutions. This is done through the development of small share and prayer groups of inmates/residents in the institutions. These groups are to meet weekly to share their lives on a deep spiritual level and to pray with one another, for other residents and staff in the institutions.

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Kairos is an interdenominational Christian ministry whose programmes were designed to be presented in Medium and Maximum Security sections of men’s and women’s correctional institutions, juvenile institutions, and to the outside families of prisoners. The ministry is conducted, in cooperation with the chaplains and management of correctional institutions, by volunteer teams of laity and clergy who are selected, trained and certified by area governing bodies of Kairos and approved by correctional institutions as citizen volunteers.

KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY volunteers are drawn from a broad range of inter-denominational churches. KAIROS volunteers have experience in renewal movements within their churches which focus on small group dynamics, share and prayer groups, personal witness and vulnerability in Christian community. In South Africa, Kairos is strongly supported by volunteers from The Upper Room’s Walk To Emmaus (see link to website)

KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL, INC. is the parent organisation of a body of ministries addressing the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women and children, to their families and to those who work in the prison environment.
It is active in the USA, Australia, Canada and South Africa. The Kairos weekend is held in over 250 prisons, served by more than 30,000 volunteers, worldwide.

Kairos is a ministry of the church……a ministry of the apostles whom Jesus, the Christ, has called into community and sent forth into the environment of the correctional institution. Kairos has been called the best example of the early church in existence today.

Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the State of Florida and has become known as Kairos Prison Ministry. The words, Kairos Prison Ministry, are repeated in the Kairos logo, a registered trademark.

Kairos Prison Ministry authorises chartered states to represent Kairos Ministries within their states, following directions contained in the Kairos manuals, which are updated as specific needs arise.
Kairos manuals are copyrighted.
All rights are reserved.

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