Kairos Method

As background, Eduardo Bonin, Bernadello Vadell, Fransico Forteza, and others were inspired to develop a program designed to seek and coach Christians capable of being strong representatives of Christianity in their communities and environment. The program they developed, Cursillo, began as a movement of the church in Spain in the 1930’s. The founders aimed to face the reality of the in world that they might transform it. This transformation becomes possible as man feels the penetrating love of Jesus Christ that goes deep into his human reality – it is a spiritual experience. The desired result is that each person chosen to participate in Cursillo would know how to work effectively in their own world and environment. Kairos has adapted Cursillo for the prison environment.

The Kairos method of talks, meditations, individual and group activities is an invitation to live in a personal relationship with the living Christ.Kairos is not only to help Christ in saving souls, but to put human lives in service – literally to transform prison environments.

So, the most important outcome of the weekend short course is to produce a practical realisation in our 4th day, the rest of our lives. The need is to insert Christ into a pagan world and its structures. In a sense this represents the dynamic vision of a believer in Christ – alive growing and operating within the Church. Before we can balance the world we must seek to balance man. It is not primarily a means to resolve personal problems, but to inspire the man to “be” the solution. It is truly a means to “discover the apostle” and allow him to truly live as a follower of Christ.

The Kairos method confronts man with his problems and his personal history and Christ is presented as the only total solution. This in truth can only be done by the man himself – too many distractions tend to make him immune to the journey.

This life long journey is supported in community by the prayer and share group which provides the encouragement and safety for further exploration. It is this continuing community where one finds the strength of ones perseverance and the most efficient way to spread apostolic action.

Kairos Prison Ministry has made certain adaptations for this method to be effective in the environment of the prisons.
We do this because we are prompted by the Holy Spirit to remember “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” In Mathew 25:36 He has called us to visit the prison environment.

The Kairos continuing ministry of reunions and spiritual retreat allows us in community to provide a more authentic, continuous, and a vital Christianity which changes lives.