Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc.  Policy Statement on Interdenominational Christian Ministry


The Kairos Prison Ministry National Board of Directors directs all Kairos, Kairos Torch, and Kairos Outside leaders to provide copies of this policy statement to all participants of the Kairos Team prior to participating in a Kairos, Kairos Torch, or Kairos Outside Weekend. Each Kairos Leader should have and read the Kairos Organizational manual prior to the Kairos Weekend.

It is imperative that each Kairos team member understand the importance of Kairos as a ministry of the church – a ministry of the apostle whom Jesus,the Christ has called into community, and sent forth into the environment of the correctional institution. Kairos Prison Ministry is an interdenominational Christian ministry. Kairos is a ministry of persons drawn from a broad range of denominational churches.

It is vital to insure that the ecumenical nature of the Kairos ministry be upheld, and this requires not only that team members come from a variety of denominations, but also that ALL who participate refrain from activities that are practiced by their particular denomination while serving as a Kairos volunteer. Kairos Prison Ministry is not non-denominational; we are ecumenical.

Kairos Prison Ministry presents only broad-based , mainstream Christian teachings which we as Christians hold as common ground. These teachings are built primarily around Christ’s love. We all recognize our limitations, acknowledging that with God’s help we can make a difference. We as Kairos volunteers present Christ’s love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. We avoid putting down the theological concepts or practices of others , and say everything in the love of Christ.

Kairos does not present a denominational bible study or try to be a final authority on Christian doctrine. As volunteers, Jesus Christ has transformed our lives, and we seek with a servant’s heart to share our experience and faith with inmates. Clergy and lay persons who participate in Kairos must be willing to support and uphold the ecumenical nature of this ministry. In so doing, it is also imperative that we do not teach (in our words, writings or actions) against the beliefs or demean any Christian denomination.

Each of us is called upon to lay down private agendas, die to ourselves, and serve with all our heart and mind. “And now I give you a new commandment; love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. If you have love for one another, then everyone will know you are my disciples.”John 13:34-35.

Approved by the Kairos Prison Ministry Executive Committee on 3/16/04