There are two Greek words for time. One of them, with which we are all familiar, is ‘kronos’ meaning linear time hours, day’s weeks etc. The other is ‘kairos’, used in the sense of time set by God for a particular occurrence.

‘KAIROS’ was found to be a word of very special significance in the environment of the correctional institution where the word ‘time’ carries so many special connotations.


The mission of Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. is to bring Christ’s love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families, and those who work with them, and to assist in the transition to becoming a productive citizen.


The purpose of Kairos is to establish strong Christian communities among the population of correctional institutions, supporting fully the Restorative Justice Programme, Unit Management Programme, and other rehabilitation programmes in our institutions. This is done through the development of small share and prayer groups of inmates/residents in the institutions. These groups are to meet weekly to share their lives on a deep spiritual level and to pray with one another, for other residents and staff in the institutions.

Be a Cookie Baker.

We may need a huge amount of cookies for a typical Kairos weekend. Homemade cookies are a tangible expression of Christian love and an indication of God’s concern for a group of people who seldom encounter either in the course of their daily lives. Your loving sacrifice will provide “bread” that shines the Light of God’s Grace into the darkest corners of a prison unit. May God bless you for the gift of baking!

Be a Prayer Partner

All Kairos activities are covered with prayer.
You can be a part of that prayer effort. Go to Agape/Prayer support!

Be a Support Volunteer.

Each Kairos retreat weekend has opportunities for outside support, such as baking cookies, writing letters of support, or preparing meals. Contact the district contact person

Be a Ministry Financial Booster.

All Kairos activities are funded by donations.If you would like to support this ministry by your donation, make your cheque payable (any amount is appreciated!) to Kairos Prison Ministry and send it to the registered Kairos office at PO Box 2216, Bromhof 2154 or contact the district contact person for banking details.

Be a team member.

Kairos volunteers come from all walks and strata of life. They all share a desire to follow Christ’s admonition of Matthew 25:36, “I was in prison and you visited me.”If you feel God’s call to minister to the incarcerated as a part of a Kairos team, contact the District Chairperson to inquire about how you can get involved, or contact the Kairos national office to find out about qualification and training and to be put in touch with the local Kairos community.

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